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Think, Have Fun, Win! Monthly AR Puzzle Challenge

Our augmented reality puzzles are a fun way to keep you sharp by strengthening logical thinking and short term memory while having fun and getting rewarded.

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AR Puzzle Challenge That's All About Rewarding Passions

Arzzle Challenge Reward

One Month. One Challenge.

Be the fastest to complete this month's Arzzle and win this month's Reward. Have Fun & Good Luck!

This Month's Reward: $1,000

Arzzle Charity Reward

One Month. One Cause.

Every purchase donates 5$ to this month's charity, rewarding great passions. Help us reach our goal.

This Month's Goal: $10,000

Arzzle Jigsaw Puzzle

More than just a puzzle. Arzzle!

Arzzle is a subscription service to provide premium augmented reality puzzle challenges of all kinds. Each month we send you a very fun, exciting and high quality augmented reality puzzle.
Our arzzles are unique, in a limited edition, and appealing to a wide range of tastes. Arzzle is targeted towards a general adult audience, age 12 and above. Our monthly AR puzzles are never juvenile or overly feminine or masculine, but will be fun.

But that's not all! Arzzle rewards passions.

Arzzle rewards you for your passion while rewarding charities for their passion of doing good. Each monthly challenge has a reward. Once you receive the package, download our free app, be the first to complete the Arzzle and win the reward. At the same time you will be helping this month's charity, as we are donating 10% monthly from every subscription.

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David Harris
David Harris

“Since I won my first reward I can't wait each month for my Arzzle to arrive. I love AR jigsaw puzzles and I also love that we help charities.”

No Risk. All Reward.

Arzzle Product Box

Arzzle arrives every month for a few bucks, so you can have fun building it but if you want to win the challenge and the reward, you'll need to be fast.

Arzzle Calendar

Whatever works best for you. Every month or every other month, you can pause Arzzle anytime. Once you're in the challenge, you’re in control.

Arzzle Contract

No contracts. No long-term commitments. You can leave the Arzzle challenge anytime with just a few simple clicks. But we believe you'll love us!

One Month, One Challenge. Win This Month's Reward.

Once you receive your monthly Arzzle, the challenge begins. Each month Arzzle has a reward for you. To win the reward you will need to be the fastest person completing the Arzzle. To give a fair chance to all our subscribers, we track just the time since each package was received until completed, but not more than a month. We announce the month's winner in the same day when we ship the next month's Arzzle.

How To Win The Reward

1. You receive your monthly Arzzle, and you're very excited to get started. Great!
2. Follow the instructions, download our free app and create your own time lapse.
3. Complete the puzzle and use the Arzzle App to experience augmented reality. Get the last clue and complete your challenge.
Be the fastest and you'll win!

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Arzzle Challenge Puzzle Cup
Arzzle Experience

This Month's Charity

Arzzle Charity

This Month's Goal: $10,000


How We Give To Charities

Every month we select a non profit organization and we donate $5 for every purchase. We set a monthly goal and you can help us achieve it by spreading the word about Arzzle. Let's have fun and do good.

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Arzzle Donation
John Roberge
John M. Roberge

“I enjoy a challenge and really liked my first augmented reality puzzle a lot. I did not win the month's challenge as I could not build it in on sit. It wasn't super hard, but there were enough areas that required a bit more effort to complete. I can't wait for the next one!.”

Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee

“Fun puzzle to work. I worked this over a 5 day period and enjoyed every minute. Make sure you measure your work surface. I waited until my spouse was away for a few days so I could take over the kitchen table. Fabulous quality; and pieces are cleanly cut.”

Plans For Every Passion

Select an Arzzle that's right for you, have fun and win.


You like puzzles and you are ready to explore our AR jigsaw puzzles.

$ 29 / month

plus shipping fee
  • 300 pieces
  • New challenge every month
  • Premium AR jigsaw puzzle
  • Enrolled in the monthly challenge
  • 50% payout of the reward if won
  • $5 donated to charity each month
  • Money back guarantee
  • Cancel or pause anytime
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You're ready to complete our 1000 pieces AR puzzle and to get 100% of our monthly reward.

$ 49 / month

free shipping*
  • 1,000 pieces
  • New challenge every month
  • Premium AR jigsaw puzzle
  • Enrolled in the monthly challenge
  • 100% payout of the reward if won
  • $5 donated to charity each month
  • Money back guarantee
  • Cancel or pause anytime
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You're already a puzzle and augmented reality lover, and you're looking for a challenge.

$ 39 / month

plus shipping fee
  • 500 pieces
  • New challenge every month
  • Premium AR jigsaw puzzle
  • Enrolled in the monthly challenge
  • 70% payout of the reward if won
  • $5 donated to charity each month
  • Money back guarantee
  • Cancel or pause anytime
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We ship on the 15th or the next business day of every month! *Free shipping only applies to the Continental United States* Chat with us.

We don’t like to talk about ourselves

But we don’t mind if our customers do.

Great puzzle! High quality pieces. Even the box feels nice. Very enjoyable and with a nice medium level of difficulty. We got to the end and we were missing a piece ... but we found the piece with a corner missing in our dog's bed! : )

Marcia Huck

Make sure you or the person you give this to is into puzzles because it will take a while to complete. The quality is great and picture is frame worthy. Great for family time. Highly recommend this puzzle.

Andrew Martin

Great 1000 piece puzzle. Well constructed pieces that interlock nicely. Keeps you interested for hours and the augmented reality experience at the end was a cool touch. Highly recommend.

Devin J. Grady

Quite possibly the most satisfying, entertaining, engaging puzzle since the Da Vinci Code came out. You won't be disappointed and you'll also have a chance to win some money. My new favorite puzzle company!

Jeanne Boyer

Arzzle's AR puzzles are awesome! Pieces fit great, and so far their quality control has been spot on. The reward clue and information I got once I finished it was very intriguing. They are one of my favorites!

Corey C. Stone

Received this as a birthday gift and I was really excited as I am an adult puzzler. I work on dedicated table and once I have completed, I turned on my cam for AR and was amazed. I quickly contacted Arzzle to ask a few questions and to sign up, and I was sold when they replied almost instantly. Now I can't wait for the next month!

Arlene Evers

97% Would recommend Arzzle to a friend

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Can I cancel at any time?
Absolutely. Just login to your account, go to settings, and hit “Cancel subscription.” There’s no hidden fee, no catch, and no questions asked.
Are there any credit card or PayPal fees?
Yes, there are standard credit card and PayPal fees associated with transactions. For any credit card or PayPal payments, a 2.9% + 30¢ fee applies. The fees are standard and not associated with our membership plans.
How do I get paid if I win the monthly reward?
Quickly and securely. All you have to do is connect to Stripe or PayPal, and anything you win will be deposited directly into your bank account. Easy peasy, right?
Is safe and secure for online transactions?
Your data (and your customer’s data) is always safe with Arzzle. All online transactions are encrypted and processed through 128bit SSL encryption technology, ensuring total security of all data.
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